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     Offering world class precision metal service is only a fraction of the magic that goes into our customer service. Although we're best known for our work with RA10 mirror in the semiconductor industry. We deliver true class A powder coating and silk screening in house. Programming, design, engineering, and reverse engineering for a wide array of manufacturing equipment and industries. We're here to help, any way we can. 


  • Solidworks

  • Panasonic DTPS G2 (welding Robot)

  • Delcam Power Mill

  • Delcam Power Shape

  • Mastercam

  • Amada Doctor ABE Tube

  • Amada AP100US

  • Amada Sheetworks

  • Amada AR Cam

  • Sigmanest

  • Autodesk Auto Cad

  • Infor Visual ERP


  • Agriculture

  • Marine Equipment

  • Telecommunications

  • Semiconductor

  • Diesel

  • Construction

  • Military

  • Packaging

  • Custom Enclosures

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