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     Magic Metals, Inc., was founded in 1985 by Garry Griggs. Garry's philosophy was simple. Great employees deserve the best equipment and a good environment to succeed. They also need the tools and direction to provide the most important function of any company, outstanding customer service. With this culture throughout the company, everything else will fall into place; quality, fair pricing and the trust that comes from working with our customers to make them successful. 

His vision was right. Starting with 3 employees in 1985, the company has grown to over 180 employees and occupying over 130,000 sq ft. in 3 separate buildings. 

Kevin Griggs, one of Magic's original employees, owns and runs the company today. 

Magic Metals, Inc., being located in Union Gap, Washington was not a mistake. It was a blessing. Located in the center of the Pacific Northwest, Magic is able to service all the major metropolitan areas daily, and provide our employees with a quality of life, while maintaining a stable workforce with strong family values. 

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